Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Swarm Arena Beta Version 2 is in production and your feedback will be seen. So anyone with the urge to make a difference: Speak now, or your silence will be seen as consent. My apologies to those of you, who were not lucky enough to get a key yet. The beta will widen as it becomes fully stable.

Swarm Arena Beta started!

All fresh and new, Swarm Arena Beta is now available to fans of the first hour. It may be not too late, e-mail to participate!

Beta Flyer

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Become part of the Facebook Swarm! Not only shows this your cool, indie attitude, you might also be selected for a free beta version of the game! And of course, you can always let Twitter keep you up to date as well.

Swarm Arena soon on STEAM!

That’s right! Swarm Arena is coming to STEAM! Let’s celebrate by watching the NEW TRAILER!


Welcome to the website of Dedication Games. This is the new home of “Swarm Arena”, the game formerly known as “Swarm”. Please check the corresponding page for more information and preview footage.

Oh, and thank you for your interest in games with a soul. They are good for you!