First Update OUT NOW!

- Fixed mouse problems on some systems
- Improved performance
- Improved graphics driver compatibility
- Added “30 fps” option

6 comments to First Update OUT NOW!

  • Aron

    Since the update. Swarm Arena wont start anymore “Swarm Arena caused a problem and will be terminated” (dont know how this error is correctly called in english as i am german).

    I don’t have a hint why this happens too. I changed nothing at my system since yesterday (where I played SwarmArena).

  • Anonymous

    So, uh, does this game not support Windows XP sp3?

  • admin

    Please excuse the difficulties – This issue is number one priority.

  • admin

    The problem is solved, enjoy the game!

  • Thanks to this update finally my graphiccard is fully supported! :) Great game it is! :)

  • Kajover

    Hi. Would it be possible to release this game for iphone and especially for the ipad. This would be the perfect plattform for it and it would become an instant bestseller. Thank you very much for this loveley game.

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