Thank you!

The launch has been a great success! As Swarm Arena hits the masses, some last issues are being eliminated right now. Please know that your untroubled experience is very important to me – an update will be released early this week.

8 comments to Thank you!

  • Simon

    Loved your game. Saw it yesterday on Steam and bought it. It’s a very interesting concept I had never seen before; it’s an unique game in a way. Shame my graphics card died on me a while ago and even at the lowest resolutions I still lag. :/

    Nevertheless, I found the game somewhat lacking. I don’t know. I would have liked some other kind of aura, and probably a story behind it.

  • hi hi love the game very awesome but i would love too see some multi-player with like 2-8 people it would be awesome

  • Mousesupport didnt work at first for me, but thanks to your kind and quick support we got it working (was my fault anyway) :D
    addictive and fun game :)

  • axiom

    Congratulations on your success! I’m curious: What are your sales numbers like? Are you a full-time indie developer or doing it as a hobby? Tell us a bit more about yourself :).

  • Douglas

    Hey!! you really need to do this game for other plataforms, like windows mobile, iphone, nintendo ds!!!! THIS GAME IS COMPLETLY CRAZY!!!


  • Christian

    Very awesome game, I love it!! Make more please, you rock! :-D

  • paj

    It would be AWESOME with the magic trackpad…. can you imagine this with gesture control?

    And man, iPad would be KILLER amazing as well! I have little doubt you could get this onto the appstore.

    DYING for it, it looks so SWEET and a GREAT concept!


    HUGE fan of Terry Welsh open gl’s,(flocks,cyclone,helios etc)

  • I think you got talent in writing articles. Waiting for more posts

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