Online Versus-Mode available!

The free update is available to all owners of the full version NOW. Create custom games and mess around with friends or join the battle for ultimate dominance on the ladder!

5 comments to Online Versus-Mode available!

  • Donut

    Yo. Is it only one-on-one or may more players join the same session?

  • Coco

    When will we see 4 player free for all/team battles? Also configurable controls would be nice :) I’m looking forward to see how will the project advance!

  • Coco

    Configurable controls: check, but it would be nice for more customizing options for custom matches, even customizable matches for single player (I say this because when you start a custom match you are shown a lot of options like the number of swarms and regeneration, and these options cannot be found when you customize the match).

  • admin

    The missing configuration options are unlocked by the achievements…

    About the 4 players, i am thinking about it. Maybe i’ll do some tests, but i’m not sure if it can be done because that would mean 3 times the traffic per player and latency could go through the roof.

  • If i get the Game, i would test the Online Mode…i have no money :(

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