Free keys?

Like the brand new Dedication Games page on Facebook! A new project is about to get announced and Swarm Arena’s Facebook page is no longer fitting for such news. To get things going, you’ll find some free Steam keys for Swarm Arena overe there – somewhere in the near future. See that tiny grey button in the sidebar? You can’t help to click it, can you? It’s so cute! Tell everyone!

Prototypes for free?

Yo. Summer, holidays, etc. etc… Since the only thing I know how to do is making games, there is one or the other prototype that could be shared. Follow on Facebook or Twitter and DEMAND THEM FOR FREE.

Get Swarm Arena for $4.99!

Making games isn’t always about profit. At least not for Dedication Games. So since Swarm Arena has covered it’s costs it’s now available for half it’s original price! Whoohoo! Also, did you know the demo version was upgraded with free offline PvP? Log on to Steam and check it out!

Free stuff and other exciting news!

Following on Facebook or Twitter yet? You might find FREE KEYs there over the next weeks! On a different subject, check out Daniel Moniz’ blog dedicated to Swarm Arena strategies and shoutcasts! Oh, have you checked out Swarm Arena’s brand new replay feature yet? Well, you should! Grab some friends, show off your skill and send the replay to Daniel – You might get famos faster than you can say “Swarm Arena rocks!”, although I can’t guarantee that. Also feel free to join the community at Swarm Arena’s Steam Forum, the place where new features are born. And last but not least I’d like to point out that Swarm Arena is available for review at Metacritic. So If you feel like writing today or if you want to waste a few minutes for a good cause – here you go.

Online Versus-Mode available!

The free update is available to all owners of the full version NOW. Create custom games and mess around with friends or join the battle for ultimate dominance on the ladder!

Online Battles?

After intense research I return with good news: There might be a chance for an online multiplayer mode! Amazing, isn’t it? There are still many obstacles to overcome, but now it seems as if it could work. Who would have thought? Certainly not me! So you better prepare and polish you skills – just in case.

First Update OUT NOW!

- Fixed mouse problems on some systems
- Improved performance
- Improved graphics driver compatibility
- Added “30 fps” option

Thank you!

The launch has been a great success! As Swarm Arena hits the masses, some last issues are being eliminated right now. Please know that your untroubled experience is very important to me – an update will be released early this week.


Swarm Arena is available NOW on STEAM. Join the fun!

Swarm Arena available August 19th!

That’s right, we’re almost there! Swarm Arena is going to be released August 19th on Steam! As this is a thursday, be sure to jump in right away so you can practice before showing off to your friends the following weekend. It’s going to be USD 9.99 – that’s true value for your buck!